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Chain Link Fences for Commercial and Industrial Properties in Oakville

Protecting and securing your property shouldn’t break your business’s budget. That’s why chain link fences from Hamilton’s Davis Fences are a great way to secure your property and assets without having to pay an outrageous price. A chain link fence, also called a wire mesh fence, is often made of steel wire that is woven in a type of crisscrossed or diamond pattern. This type of fence is also durable and resistant to strong winds. It can be easily customized to fit any application, whether you need a chain link fence around the entire property or just around specific machinery.

Chain Link Fencing Works for Various Commercial & Industrial Properties

There are many ways to use chain link fences for Hamilton commercial and industrial properties. For example:

  • Factories – An industrial factory may have many areas that are dangerous to unauthorized personnel. With a chain link fence you cannot only secure your property from theft, but provide safety to those not familiar with how certain machinery or equipment works. 
  • Sports fields – Chain link fencing is great for sports fields as it helps control access and flow inside and outside the area. It can also be used to separate multiple different play areas like around tennis or basketball courts. 
  • Parks and fairgrounds – Similar to sports fields, a chain link fence can help you control access to your park or fairground. This is especially important if your property requires an entrance fee. The chain link can help keep non-paying customers from entering. 
  • Farms – Use a chain link fence to corral animals like cattle, sheep, or horses. You can even use a chain link fence to keep chickens penned to a particular area of the property while also allowing them range of movement. 
  • High security facilities – Just seeing a chain link fence often communicates to people that the area enclosed is off limits. This type of fencing is great for areas that require a lot of security. Chain link fences can also be outfitted with barb wire or turned into an electric fence.

Benefits of Chain Link Fences for Hamilton & Surrounding Area Businesses

Still not sure if chain link fences are right for your Hamilton property? Here are some benefits they provide:

  • Cost-effective – Chain link fences are easy to install and don’t require as much material as other types of fences thus making them cost-effective to your business.
  • Versatility – Chain link fences can be adapted to properties of various sizes. They can enclose an entire compound or just a small area where vehicles or machinery is being kept.
  • Durability – Made of steel, chain link fences are long-lasting and durable. They can endure heavy winds and storms.
  • Moveable – Moving to a new location and don’t want to have to buy another fence? Chain link can be easily rolled up and transported, along with its steel posts, to their new location.
  • Easy repair and maintenance – If your fence is damaged most leading fencing companies carry commercial or industrial chain link fencing materials. To repair your fence, just cut away the damaged portion and install the new. Furthermore, chain link fences require just soap and water to clean, and dirt, grime, and other residue washes away easily.

Over 50 Years of Fencing Experience from Davis Fences

Contact Davis Fences for all your chain link fencing needs. We have decades of experience suppling and installing chain link fences in Hamilton commercial and industrial properties. Call today to require a price quote.

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