Chain link fence

Secure Your Property with Chain Link Fences

If you recently bought property and are looking to enclose your land with quality fencing that is both affordable and versatile, then you might want to consider installing a chain link fence.

Chain link fences are a popular option among residential, commercial and industrial property owners in Hamilton because they offer one of the most economical means of meeting the security and safety needs of your home or business.

Davis Fences has been servicing Hamilton residents with quality fences for more than 50 years. Whether you’re looking to enclose a playground, sports field, backyard or industrial job site, we recommend chain link fencing for several reasons:

Durability: Chain link fences are made of woven interlocking steel wires capable of withstanding gale force winds. The steel wires are often coated to protect against corrosion, rust or other early signs of wear and tear, and are 100 per cent pest-resistant.

Security: Chain link fences provide a well-protected barrier with their strong framework and secure fittings. They are used for airports, military bases and correctional facilities as often as they are used for residential or recreational lots.

Low maintenance: Chain link fences require little to no maintenance, and do not need to be repainted overtime, contrary to other fencing materials like wood. They are also very easy to repair; damaged sections can be cut out and replaced without compromising the whole look of the fence.

Custom design: Homeowners will often steer clear of chain link fences because they fear their industrial look; however, chain link fences now come in variety of custom colours, styles, heights and thicknesses.

Easy installation: Compared to other types of fences like wood, brick or PVC, chain link fences are very easy to install—you can often save the labour costs by doing the work yourself!

Before you start rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty, it’s important to consider the following steps to ensure a successful and efficient installation:

  • Check local zoning laws: Obtaining permits for any home improvement project in Hamilton is necessary to avoid costly mistakes and setbacks. Before installing your fence, check to see if there are any height restrictions, underground utility lines, etc.
  • Prepare fence layout: Measure the overall length of your planned fence to determine how many feet of chain link fabric are required.
  • Install fence posts: It’s recommended you set all posts approximately four inches inside the property line, so that concrete footings don’t encroach on your neighbour’s land. Dig holes approximately eight inches in diameter and 30 inches deep. Centre the posts in the hole and surround them with concrete.
  • Install fence fabric: Unroll the chain link fabric along the outside of the fence line. Stand it up against the fence frame, making sure to get rid of any slack. Attach the fabric to the top rail with fence ties and remove excess fabric with pliers.

Protect your children, pets and property with a durable chain link fence — contact us today for more information! We’ll gladly walk you through the installation process.