Custom Wood Home Fence

Home Fencing Solutions: Which is Right for You?

Fences have come a long way since the rickety wooden posts that used to line our lawns. With so many options now available on the market, finding the perfect fit for your home and security needs can get a bit overwhelming.

A trusted supplier of quality fences in Hamilton for decades, Davis Fences can provide the guidance and know-how you need to facilitate the endeavour. We specialize in helping residents protect and improve the curb appeal of their home with custom wood, steel, wrought iron or vinyl fencing options.

Custom wood

Commonly chosen for its natural beauty and craftsmanship, a custom wood fence offers flexibility in style and design, and blends in nicely with the natural surroundings. With easy installation and repair, wood fences are an affordable option; however, annual maintenance is often required to upkeep appearances. Wood fences tend to weather quickly and are often subject to moisture and insect-related problems.

Chain link

A chain link fence offers one of the most economical means of meeting your security and safety needs. Made of woven, interlocking steel wires, chain link fences are incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion, rust and other pest-related problems. They provide a well-protected barrier and require little to no maintenance. Since these fences are typically built with safety in mind, they aren’t considered as flattering as other fencing options, and aren’t as effective at keeping Peeping Toms out.

Ornamental Iron

A versatile option that comes in many different styles and designs, wrought iron fences are often chosen for their elegance and decorative appeal. Manufactured using a strong and durable material, wrought iron fences provide top-quality security and are resistant to harsh weather conditions. While they can elevate your home’s curb appeal tenfold, their design provides little privacy.


More and more homeowners are choosing vinyl fences—an affordable option that offers superior privacy and incredibly durability. Vinyl fences have excellent weathering properties and require little to no maintenance. However, if you’re one for design, they’re the least versatile in terms of style and colour. Extreme shifts in temperature can also cause vinyl panels to expand and contract, leading to damage that is not always easy to repair.

Buying a fence is an investment that’ll protect your Hamilton home and complement the natural beauty of your yard for years to come. Don’t settle for any run of the mill fence; make sure to consider your objective, evaluate your budget, research your zoning laws and negotiate with your neighbours prior to making any commitments.

Get the security and privacy that only a fence can provide. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced fence builders, and learn which option is best suited to your homeowner needs!