A Wood Fence

Guide to Choosing the Right Wood Fence

Choosing a new wood fence can be a daunting task. With so many styles, it’s hard to know where to start. To help you make your choice, the experts from Davis Fences bring you this guide to finding the perfect enclosure for your Oakville, Burlington or Milton property.

Identify the purpose your fence will serve

In general, your fence will serve one or more of the following purposes:

  • Privacy. A wood fence can offer you the degree of privacy you’re looking for.
  • Security. Some fences are used to keep kids and pets in and intruders out. 
  • Appearance. The right fence can add curb appeal to your home and increase its value.

Types of wood fences

Once you’ve pinpointed what purpose you want your new fence to serve, you can decide which style you prefer. These are the most common types of wood fences:

  • Solid board. If you’re looking for maximum security, this is your best choice. Made from vertical or horizontal boards pressed closely together, you can’t see through this fence at all. 
  • Board on board. This type of fence offers lots of privacy and looks the same on both sides. Vertical boards are attached close together on alternating sides of the central rail. 
  • Shadowbox. Built in the same way as board-on-board fences, but with the boards further apart to allow light and wind to pass through. 
  • Lattice. This attractive fence is good for gardeners who want to adorn their fence with climbing plants. Without plants, it offers homeowners a bit of privacy but doesn’t block light or wind. 
  • Picket. This type of fence offers a traditional look to any property but doesn’t offer much privacy. It’s best suited for front yards.

Fence features

Features allow you to personalize your fence. Here are some you may want to consider:
  • Decorative top. If you’ve chosen a fence with vertical pickets, you have a variety of styles to choose from. Alternatively, you can choose to top your fence with a section of lattice or to have the posts cut in an attractive pattern.
  • Stain. Wood needs to be stained or painted to protect it from the elements. You can choose from a variety of colours and textures to match your surroundings. 
  • Hardware. Fences use a lot of hardware. You won’t see most of it, but you can choose to add decorative post caps and gate latches for a unique look.

If you need help choosing the best wood fence for your residential or commercial property, call Davis Fences. We’ve been installing fences in Oakville, Milton, Burlington and the surrounding areas for more than 50 years, so you know you can trust us. Call us today for a free estimate.