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Fence Designs for Your Next Backyard Project

A lot of people consider backyard fences to be just dividers between yards. They overlook good designs while redoing their outdoor space. If you want more appeal, you need a design that not only complements the other areas of your home but also adds a personal touch. Davis Fences offers a range of options, including custom wood and chain link fences, to both our residential and commercial clients.

Do you need the fence to enclose your pool or to keep your dogs in the yard? Is your home located in a wet climate? Consider these while selecting a fencing material; each has its own advantages. Determine their overall strength, durability and your budget. If it’s too expensive for you, look for cheaper alternatives. Self-sufficient and low maintenance fences will save a lot of money in the long run. 

For clients in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton and the Niagara Region, here are a few ideas for you:

Wood Fences

These are inexpensive and provide full privacy. Light and easy to install, they can be painted any colour and are biodegradable. A wood fence requires maintenance and can last up to 10 years. However, it is vulnerable to cracks and warps along with fungus and termite infection.

Modular Iron Fences

A modular iron fence looks traditional, is elegant and requires no maintenance. It is available in a wide range of colours and can last up to 20 years. It is easy to install and offers high security and convenience; it is the best option for a sloped yard.

Chain Link Fences

This is usually used to secure places like backyards, government facilities and construction sites. It is preferred for its economic advantages, durability and affordability. Chain link fences are available in a range of colours, but the most common is silver steel. It is easy to install and repair.

Wood & Metal Fences

This allows you to introduce a modern look to your backyard by combining metal posts and frames with wood pickets placed in-between. Steel or aluminum fence posts used with metal frame panels provides strength and durability, while wood provides visual aesthetics. You can also use coloured metal and stained wood to add an exquisite touch.

Horizontal Fences

This is one of the most popular privacy fencing ideas. Horizontally aligned fence pickets provide a lot of style and beauty, whether you use stained, painted or natural wood or composite materials. You can use tongue and groove wood or composite pickets for your backyard fence; these offer full privacy by sealing the gaps between boards. A metal fence framing system is a great way to install horizontal fencing.

Bamboo Fences

This is a great choice for when you have surroundings and décor with an Asian or tropical influence. Combine it with metal posts and frames to provide long lasting durability.

Bamboo fencing rolls are suitable to cover an existing wall, wooden fence or mesh panel. On the other hand, bamboo screens can be used as freestanding panels or partitions between two gardens.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing can withstand harsh weather, pests, decay and fungus. It is easy to install, requires no maintenance and lasts for decades. It can be purchased in pre-built panels and comes in a wide array of colours and style options. Use steel posts and frames for the primary structure with vinyl pickets for aesthetics; this is apt for a more durable, modern variation.

Gabion Walls

This is a retaining wire wall filled with stones. While constructing fences, builders usually combine it with wood posts or panels for a more striking effect. You can choose stones from large cobblestones to local rocks to complement the landscape. In addition to being beautiful, this fencing is also very sturdy.

Davis Fences has been providing a wide variety of options (like chain link fences) to its clients in Southern Ontario since 1960. Our staff is highly trained and will ensure the work is completed efficiently and on time. We offer a 2-year guarantee on all our installations. For more information, call us today!